The ReDough

Hey Family!

Did you happen to catch our first and only ig live video? To sum it, basically it was a mess LOL! We interviewed the hosts of our favorite podcast: Black Balance Pod. They were great, but let me tell you, so many variables went left that night! I don’t know how we managed to get anyone to watch or how we created such beautiful, delicious cookies with all that was going on.

Anywho, we’re rewinding it alllllll the way back and getting it right this next time. Your favorite bakers along with Black Balance will be live on ig AND youtube as promised (so you can catch the replay even after 24hrs). We want to launch our channel so that we can get to know our fans outside of the Atlanta area as well as practice our on camera skills, cuz you never know ;)

So mark your calendar. Clear your schedule. We’ll be going live with the Redough THIS Thursday, May 9th. Have your questions handy. Tell a friend to tune it. It’ll be fun!