A Few Ways to Stay Green After Earth Day

  1. Compost Not everything needs to be dumped in the trash, y’all. And once you learn the rules, it’s easy to compost at home. Everything from coffee grounds to newspaper can be composted in your backyard. Now you know.

  2. Reduce. Reuse. The amount of un-recyclable plastics we waste is atrocious! Straws are too small and plasticware is just not worth the cost. If you can carry a diaper bag sized pocketbook, ladies, you can carry your own set of silverware and reusable bottle sometimes. Certain places (like Starbucks) even give you a discount when you bring your own cup.

    Metal straws are all the rage and can be purchased many places now. We recently bought a set of six plus a straw cleaner for about $7 at TJ-Maxx. They’re earth-friendly and never get those pesky holes!

    We also love reusable face wipes and utilizing our hands in place of makeup wipes and individually wrapped face masks. If you must buy wipes (which we love to take on take on the go!), try a biodegradable brand like yes! to or Burt’s Bees.

  3. BYOB As mentioned, Bringing Your Own Bottle reduces waste and impact on the environment. Plus, if you’re out and about all day, you’ll have a handy dandy water bottle to keep you hydrated. Stay un-thirsty, my friends.

  4. Carpool, footin’ it and public transportation If you live in a metropolis, there are probably a few options when it comes to public transportation. Some ride share apps are also now reducing the cost of rides when you opt to share your ride with other users. Plus spring is the perfect season for walking to your destinations and utilizing bike shares.

  5. Recycle This may be the easiest suggestion on this list to apply to your life, but there are still people who don’t recycle because it’s inconvenient. Some neighborhoods and towns don’t offer pickup, but there are recycling facilities where you can take your items. And you may get compensated! Win win win win!

We know there are countless ways to reduce waste (especially plastic waste) in our daily lives. Each of us doing a little something will make a big impact. As individuals, we cannot do it all but we just ask you to be more mindful and ask yourself if things you often throw out can be reused, repurposed or recycled or replaced by something that can be. Click here for another great source for waste reduction inspiration.

Feel free to share some ways you stay green throughout the year. Thanks for reading!