(priced by the dozen)

Sweet Brown $13 chewy and crisp browned butter brown sugar 

Charlie Murphy! $13 chewy sugar cookies with (or without) sprinkles

The Produce Section $16 carrot cake.. in cookie form! Our version contains pineapples, coconut and walnuts - add icing for $1 per dozen

Honey Chiiile $14 thin and chewy with the light sweetness of honey

Spoattie Oattie $14 chewy oatmeal cookies w/ your choice of raisins, dried cranberries OR chocolate chips (raisins are the default if unspecified) - add nuts for $1

Applonia $15 chewy oatmeal raisin with fresh and dried apples pieces

It’s Buttah, Baby! $13 chewy peanut butter – add chocolate chips OR jam for $1

Sierra Limón $13
(avail. spring + summer)
chewy lemon sugar

Crumblin’Erb $15 butter rosemary 

Uptown $16 homemade toffee, dark chocolate + pecans

Idlewild $16 chewy oatmeal cookies w/ dark + white chocolate chips, dried cranberries, raisins AND walnuts

Pop, Choc n Drop It $18 white + dark chocolate, butterscotch, popcorn and sea salt

Blue Notes $15
(available spring + summer)
chewy oatmeal blueberry w/ golden raisins + pumpkin seeds

Baked Baby Doughnuts
(priced by the dozen and about 50% smaller than average doughnuts)

Sherman Chocolate $18 chocolate cake w/ maple icing, coconut + walnuts 

Sugar Babies $15 classic sour cream doughnut with sugar and spice

16 Candles $15 classic sour cream doughnut with vanilla or chocolate icing and sprinkles

Muffins & Cupcakes
(priced by the half dozen/dozen)

Berry Lemonade $20/$30 lemon muffins with seasonal berries

Humble Mumble Crumble $20/$36 sweet potato muffins topped w/ a brown sugar oatmeal crumble

Drunk in Love $18/$32 triple crème liqueur infused vanilla or chocolate cake topped with crème liqueur frosting 

Hummingbird $20/$36 (available spring + summer) banana spice cake w/ walnuts and pineapple

Duffin $15/26 cinnamon sugar muffins that taste like doughnuts

Cupcake’n $18/$30 traditional cupcakes available in various flavors

Bad & Boozy $20/36
(available spring + summer)
pineapple cake infused with coconut rum, topped with a boozy frosting + coconut flakes

Frosted Zucchini Walnut Muffins $20/$36 w/ cream cheese OR browned butter frosting

Frosted Carrot Cake Muffins $20/$36 our version contains walnuts, pineapple and coconut flakes
with cream cheese OR browned butter frosting


the misfits

The Walnutty Professor $20 9” square/9 3x3” squares of butterscotch blondie w/ walnuts

Black Magic $18 9” square/nine 3x3” squares of fudgy brownie – add nuts for $2

Banana Puddin’ Pie $26 9” banana “bread pudding” pie with pecans and whiskey

$10/half pound, $18/pound
homemade toffee topped w/ dark chocolate, pretzel bits and popcorn

Black Gold
$10/half pound, $18/pound
homemade toffee topped w/ dark chocolate, pecans + sea salt


Heaven Up $38 10” pound cake or 6 pack of 4” minis (one flavor)

various seasonal flavors

Southernplayalistic $48 9” round, three layer vanilla cake with toasted pecans + browned butter icing

Black on Black Love $40 9” round, three layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting


Dessert Bar 

Must be booked two weeks in advance, minimally. Pricing includes napkins, utensils and takeaway bags, if desired. Our display items (table, linens, menu boards, baskets, tiered dessert stand) can be rented for a partially refundable fee.

We Like to Party
(3 menu items or less for up to 25 guests)
starts at $75

Jumpin’ Jumpin’
(4 items for 50 guests)
starts at $100

Never Too Much
(5 items for 75)
starts at $130

Player’s Holiday
(5 items for 100)
starts at $155

Drippin’ Swagu
(7 items for 200)
starts at $$275

Party Favors wrapped snacks for your guests to take home, starting at $30

Bake Over the World We bring the tools to bake with you and your guests in the comfort of your kitchen. Please inquire!

We work in a kitchen that processes NUTS, SEEDS, GRAINS and DAIRY PRODUCTS; although cross contamination is highly unlikely, please mention any allergies in your initial request. Prices are for traditional desserts; vegan and gluten-free requests may cost more. Please note that we require a $30 minimum for delivery. Prices do not include tax or delivery fees (which are based on mileage).