What’s your location?

Without a physical bakery of our own, we currently only pop up and offer personal orders for delivery or pick up in the Atlanta Metro. You can almost always find our goodies at Just Add Honey (both locations) and Café ULU. (See WYA?!)

How much is delivery?

Just like a rideshare or pizza delivery, we charge based on mileage. There’s also a $30 minimum. 

What does vegan mean? Does it mean there’s no sugar in it?

Vegan simply entails practicing a diet or lifestyle that does not include the consumption of animal products.

Are you two vegan?

No, we’re veganish.

Are all of your desserts vegan?

No, but we do offer veganized versions of many of our desserts!

What do you mean by all natural?

We try our best to include real, whole ingredients like unbleached flour and pure cane sugar which are less processed and better for you. And, in our opinion, they taste much better. 

How do I order my own helping of delicious goodness?!

Please check out our menus page! From there, you’re welcome to email, text or call us with your request and your preferred day and time for delivery or pickup. With that information, we’ll send an invoice.

How long will it take to receive my order?

We ask for no less than 48 hours from receipt of payment to expect delivery or pickup. This gives us time to prepare your order and add you to our schedule. 

Do you ship?

We most certainly do. Please note that even with overnight delivery, desserts with fresh fruit, icing or glaze don’t do well. Many of our cookies, brownies and candies ship wonderfully well, just ask! 

Can I freeze my dessert?

Sure! Many of our items freeze beautifully. The only things that we’ve seen get weird are our doughnuts and sweet potato muffins. You’ve been warned. 

How do I store my desserts? What’s the shelf life?

The shelf life depends on the item, if it’s vegan or not and how you store it; some are best within two days while others can last a week. 

We recommend storing most of our items at room temperature in an airtight container. Some desserts, like our baked doughnuts, do better at room temperature in the ventilated box we deliver them in. 

We do not recommend refrigeration for anything except our toffee. 

What’s with this cheap takeout box my food came in?!

We can’t do it all, but we try to do our part somehow with reducing our carbon footprint. Our packaging is almost always compostable or recyclable. We also ship our goodies in previously used boxes. Aaaand we might show up with our desserts in a Sevananda or Chipotle bag.

Reduce, reuse, recycle! And compost!