Candy & 

Holiday Cheer $8/half pound, $15/lb

white chocolate bark candy with eggnog and pecans 

Mint Condition $6/half pound, $10/lb

white chocolate bark candy with peppermint bits

Milk + Cereal Granola $8/half pound, $15/lb

oats, cinnamon cereal, seeds, nuts, honey + white chocolate

Cinnamon Apple Granola $10/half pound, $18/lb - oats, seeds, nuts, raisins, apple chips, cinnamon + maple syrup

The Everything Granola $10/half pound, $18/lb

oats, seeds, nuts, peanut butter, chocolate, white chocolate, honey + dried fruit 

Black Gold $10/half pound, $18/lb

golden toffee layered with semisweet chocolate, chopped pecans and sea salt

Netflix & Chill $10/half pound, $18/lb

golden toffee layered with salted pretzel bits, chocolate and popcorn 

​The Wanda $18/9" round sheet 

browned butter blondie with walnuts and butter-scotch chips

Black Magic $18/8x8" square

double chocolate brownies (add walnuts for +$1)

Fall in Love  

Espresso Ginger - chewy crispy cookies infused with ground ginger and espresso powder- $12/dozen

Hummingbird Cupcakes - banana pineapple spice cakes with walnuts topped with cream cheese frosting-$20/half dozen, $35/dozen

Vanilla Spice Cupcakes - $15/half dozen, $25 dozen 

Honey Chiiile - a soft, warm, lovable honey cookie-$12/dozen

Earl Grey Sweatshirt - a soft, butter cookie infused with loose leaf Earl Grey tea -$14/doz

Zucchini Walnut Cupcakes - topped with cream cheese frosting OR browned butter frosting-$18/half doz, $30/dozen

Iced Vanilla Chai - soft, chewy cookies infused with a chai tea blend topped with vanilla icing-$16/dozen

Eggnog Cookies - yep, they taste exactly like your favorite holiday drank - $12/dozen



(traditional + seasonal flavors)

Creamy Dreamy Pound Cake

$35 (10" bundt)

Tres Leches $27 (11x14" sheet)

with triple cream rum liqueur $30

Olive Oil Cake

$20 (9" single layer round) 


​Please email us directly to order: OR call us: 404.242.6784 OR fill in the form below.  


Please note that prices DO NOT include shipping or delivery charges. There are upcharges to make certain items vegan, egg-free or gluten-free,  so please mention any preferences or allergens in your initial request. We'll follow up with an invoice and, once paid, please allow no less than 48hrs for your order to be prepared and ready for delivery. There is a $30 minimum purchase for delivery. Pick ups at our event and market  locations are free! Rush orders with less than a 48hrs notice and overdue payments will be charged an additional 25%.  


Baked Baby Doughnuts

[priced by the dozen + about 50% smaller than traditional doughnuts]

Black Love $15

double chocolate love with raspberry glaze

Nut + Honey $15

classic sour cream doughnut with

honey cream glaze + pecans

Lemon Squeeze Me! $12

lemon cake w/ lemon glaze 

Sherman Chocolate $18

double chocolate cake with maple glaze, shredded coconut and walnuts 

Sugar Babies $12

sugar, spice + everything nice

Cupcakes & Muffins

Angel Food Cake $15/half dozen, $25/dozen

triple chocolate cake w/vanilla bean frosting  

Drunk In Love $15/half doz, $25/doz

vanilla or chocolate cake infused w/ creme liqueur topped w/

creme liqueur frosting

Humble Mumble Crumble $14/half doz, $26/doz
sweet potato muffin topped with a brown sugar oatmeal crumb

Duffins $12/half dozen, $22/doz

cinnamon sugar muffin with the flavor + lightness of a doughnut

Iced Zucchini Walnut muffins $18/half doz, $30/doz

topped with cream cheese frosting OR browned butter frosting

Iced Carrot Cake muffins $18/half doz, $30/doz

topped with cream cheese frosting OR browned butter frosting

Blueberry Pancake muffins $15/half doz, $25/doz

blueberry muffins infused with pure maple syrup + topped with a buttery maple glaze

​Apple Cinnamuffins $15/half dozen, $24/doz

spiced muffins with chunks of fresh and dried apples topped with a brown sugar, oatmeal crumble

Cookies [priced by the dozen]

Lemon Drop Tops $12

chewy sugar cookies poppin with real lemon flavor

Rooibos Almond Vanilla $15

incorporated with redbush tea and real almonds

Mama P's $14 

butter cookie with pecans topped with a delicious butter pecan frosting 

Southern Comfort $18

pecan pie shortbread cookies with a whiskey caramel drizzle

Spoattie Oatties $14

oatmeal cookie with chocolate chips OR dried cranberries OR raisins (add walnuts OR pecans for $1)

Uptown $14

oatmeal cookie w/ chocolate chips, homemade toffee + pecans

Sweet Brown $12

browned butter, brown sugar

Blue Notes $15

oatmeal blueberry cookies w/ golden raisins + pumpkin seeds

Pop, Choc + Drop It $14

salted popcorn, chocolate chips + homemade toffee

Peanut Butter Jellytime! $14

peanut butter cookie w/ jelly center

Choco-nut $13

peanut butter cookie w/ chocolate chips

Idlewild $17

oatmeal cookie w/walnuts AND raisins AND dried cranberries AND dark + white  chocolate chips

Honey Chile $12

butter cookies with the sweet taste of honey